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Maria.del.Rosario DJ seeks to reclaim and strengthen Latin cultural identity by uplifting her and our popular roots through Latin American rhythms and dances. Her stage is the fiesta, the carnival, celebration and the land. She is a sensual chica that has the latino flavor flowing through her blood.

Her show is fun and energetic full of dancing moves and vocal improv. Expect to dance to the beats of: Cumbia, Salsa, SalsaChoke, with special focus on Colombian Pacific Sounds.

Maria del Rosario Cardona is a colombian artist who's work is centered around the creation of different archetypal female personas and they're different musical performances. With this alter ego she explores popular aesthetic and claims her afro-indigenous roots through the representation of its musical identity and body movement. Her mission is to promote the pleasure, joy and celebration that is rooted in her identity as a tool for a social transformation.