aug.19.2018 Dani Boom @ Corona Sunsets Cali


In the midst of world-renowned Corona Sunsets Sessions, next Sunday, August the 19th, Cali will become an epicenter of tropical dance and enjoyment. Warming up the night in the decks of this particularly special brewery party, our beloved Dani Boom (who arrives in Cali with his batteries set after a great show last Saturday at Música En El Aire 2018) will be accompanied by a select line-up, along great figures of the likes of master William Holland (aka Quantic), and a powerful quota of national electronic talent commanded by our good friends of Cero39, MOÜGLI, Guberek and Giovanny Aparicio.

The session will be held on Sunday, August the 19th at Parque la Retreta, starting at 3PM. You can buy your tickets and learn more about this fantastic party circuit here.