sep.27-29.2018 Los Pirañas in Mexico


After the fantastic welcome that they had two years ago at Festival NRMAL, Los Pirañas are back in Aztec lands to shake CDMX with the fun that was needed in this country. The dancing and all the psychotropic sabrosura will reunite on September the 28 in Niza 45 to experience one of the most special nights of the year with the band that has been constantly setting the tone in terms of Colombia’s psychedelic-tropical scene. Alongside Los Pirañas, other amazing acts such as Axel Catalán, Dude Mata, Palmarosa and an unknown yet phenomenal band will also be featured in this event.

On the other hand, Colombia, the United States and Mexico will all be present at a new edition of Sahuaro Fest on Saturday the 29th. In this occasion, the city of Hermosillo will witness acts that will make all attendees enjoy sounds that oscillate between drum & bass, surf and psychedelic cumbia from the south of the continent. Featured as special guests, Los Pirañas will offer a show that will not only span the band’s career, but will also show the audience what Colombia’s true psychotropic experience isa all about. Eblis Álvarez, Mario Galeano and Pedro Ojeda will be in charge of commanding the party that this great festival has prepared for us, which will also include the presence of bands like Machine Girl, Lana del Rabies, The Mud Howlers, among many others.