apr.28.2018 Los Pirañas & Nkumba System @ Latino Power


On April 28th, Los Pirañas will return to Bogota to intoxicate the capital with their Tropical Noise. The fourth date of their Pateando Bolardos 2018 tour, where they’ll be travelling through the Southern Cone and Europe, will be full of raw stridency and epileptic dance. In addition, the band Nkumba System will be a part of the show, as they’ll be presenting their single "El Disco Está Rayado", which will be released as part of Tambora Records’ select catalogue. At the same time, Sergio Iglesias will be setting the night on the turntables, delighting us with his extensive and exquisite vinyl collection as usual.

The directions for this party are:

Date: April 28

Venue: Latino Power (Calle 58 # 13-88)

Time: 9pm

Cover: 20k // 27 if you attend El Enemigo’s 3rd Birthday (more info about thas event here)

More info about this afro-psychedelic blast here.