jun.22.2018 Gala Galeano and La Pacifican Power @ Auditorio Lumiere


From the depths of the Colombian Pacific coast, La Pacifican Power arrives in Bogota. La Pacifican, is an unequaled combo of superstars of rumba and improvisation, which will ignite an unprecedented sonic revolution on June 22nd, inspired by the musical flavors of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Nariño and Chocó. Commanded by Nidia Gongora (Canalón de Timbiquí), Alexis Play, Jacobo Velez (La Mambanegra), Maik Rojas (Zalama Crew), Mulatho, Sebastian Blackburn (Spiral 7), Freddy Colorado (Solid Residue), Andrés Felipe Pinzón (Sultana Club), Jeffry Obando (La Mambanegra) and Heriberto Bonilla, La Pacifican lands in the capital to present their first single "Vení" at Auditorio Lumiere.

Likewise, the night will be set by Mario “Gala” Galeano’s extensive and always valid vinyl collection. Galeano is also preparing his suitcases for a DJ Set he will offer next Saturday, the 23rd , at Carretas y Amapolas (Quito, Ecuador).