Meridian Brothers present new animated video "Amargura" (Los Suicidas)


The Meridian Brothers are sharing a new animated music video to close the cycle of their last album Los Suicidas released via the british label Soundway Records in 2015 and make way to their new album to be announced soon. 

The clip features a sort of trip through the unconscious mind with a sorceress throwing dreamy spheres that takes us through the different stages and characters of the video. In it, we see a woman trapped in a tree that grows from her own hands and who has the Los Suicidas´ organ player stuck in her mind; a caravan of telepathic sleepwalkers followed by a Paul Laffoley inspired animation and a mystic owl that leads us to the final scene in the puppeteer´s hands of the organ player. 

"Amargura", the album´s closing track, has a minimalist loop-like melody with each repetition alternating the organ configuration. This song features the bass line played by a cello which will be a key element to the new Meridian Brother´s album.

Writen and animated by Eblis Álvarez.