Del sol, a 18 minutos: los pirañas European Tour

Piranas flyer 2

June, 2017. Los Pirañas are back in Europe this summer to celebrate the release of their album "La Diversión Que Hacia Falta En Mi País" by the German indie label based in France, Staubgold Records. 

The tropical noise trio will be visiting Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. 

06.03 Serralves Em Festa - Oporto, Portugal

06.04 O Paraíso - Lisbon, Portugal

06.05 Music Meeting Festival - Nijmegen, Netherlands

06.07 Patroonat - Haarlem, Netherlands

06.08 Vera - Groningen, Netherlands

06.09 Out Loud Festival - Bruselas, Belgium

06.10 Ethno Port Festival - Poznan, Poland

06.11 Pantropical x Cinema Colombiano - Rotterdam, Netherlands 

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