New videoclip by Los Pirañas: "Del Sol, A 18 Minutos"

Screen shot 2017 06 06 at 1.49.50 am

June 06,2017. Los Pirañas have just published a new videoclip of their free version of one of Argentina´s most important and beloved rock artists Luis Alberto Spinetta "Del Sol, A 18 Minutos" from their album "La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País". 

This album has been released independently as a 7" EP and a CD, a cassette by U.S. label Tapes From The Gates and as a 13" LP by the European indie label Staubgold. 

Los Pirañas are currently touring Europe, playing in the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and for the first time in Poland. They will also be playing the summer stage at Wassermusik in Berlin, Germany. 

The video was filmed in Bogotá Colombia by Ernesto Vientos, co-produced by Mama Films and Biche, and a wonderful crew of talented artists.