Frente Cumbiero and Mario Galeano join Biche

Frente cumbiero

Frente Cumbiero, in its traditional quartet format, and Mario Galeano (in his DJ phase) return to officially join Biche's Booking family.

Mario Galeano, avant-garde cumbia's chief, is one of the most important DJs in the Latin American scene. Besides being one of the co-founders of tropical noise landmark Los Pirañas and living legends orchestra Ondatrópica, Galeano is the leader of Frente Cumbiero, which is back and equipped with four commanders of sabor and transnational sonic cumbia. 

"At 35, (Mario Galeano), the Colombian musician and producer, accomplished what no other Latin American artist had been able to do: bringing tradition closer to the intricate fields of international avant-garde  – EL PAIS (Spain) 

The quartet is back and looking forward to their next record, with which it continues its search of conquering peripheral cumbia, after almost one decade of research work around Latin American Sounds. 

¡Welcome to Biche!