El Leopardo Roars at Trans Musicales Festival

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Last week, the French city of Rennes, European capital of musical avant-garde, received a fluorescent and wild delegation of Colombian tropical rhythms, as part of the latest edition of Recontres Trans Musicales, which has been taking place annually for the last 39 years.  

El Leopardo, headed by Dani Boom and member of Biche´s booking department, was called along other Colombian such as Mitú and Ghetto Kumbé, to be part of the festival´s lineup. Trans Musicales has been in charge of opening new sonic dimensions across the globe, and has showcased huge names in the contemporary music scene such as Nirvana, MGMT, Björk, LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk.    

At Biche, we celebrate El Leopardo´s first show in France, and we leave you with an interview made with Dani in the midst of his appearance at Trans Musicales.

"El Leopardo is Dani Boom's new project, which brings together several pioneers of Colombian electronic music; a kind of The Expendables of Local Electronics." - BETC POP (France)