April, 2018: Los Pirañas give the Southern Cone a shrill bite

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April 30th, 2018

Back in April, Los Pirañas packed their suitcases, instrument cases and a handful of their epileptic noise, to make a pilgrimage to the Southern Cone’s skies for the first time, along their chaotic satirical satire.

The renown crazy scientists of tropical noise lead a contemporary avant-garde movement which aims towards the re-ingeneering of Latin American sounds. This Teusaquillo-based trio (one of Bogotá’s more culturally vivid neighborhoods), captivated their Argentinian, Chilean and Uruguayan audience with its strident, rhythmic and energetic cadences.

Los Pirañas at Fest Contrapedal in Uruguay. Photo: Santiago Salles

From their steps through Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, remains a recording of what would be the band’s third album, as well as very good comments from the Latin American press. We compiled more than 20 news reports, interviews, reviews, and the best comments made around the Colombian trio:

"A fusion of styles is what defines these Colombians, who, beyond any qualification to their almost unclassifiable music, have a distinctive stamp: they make you dance".

Disorder Magazine (Cl)

"The stridency and the dance are the clear signs of a show that is absolutely unmissable."Humo negro (Cl) – April 10th, 2018

Photo review of Los Pirañas by Parlante (Cl) at Festival En Órbita in Santiago. Photos: Omar Saldías 

"This audacious combination is different in its case since it does not point towards the commercialization of those genres, a path that many other artists have taken, but towards their liberation."Sonidos que permanecen (LATAM)  - April 20th, 2018

Drummer Pedro Ojeda in Bogotá. Photo: Julian Umbacía

"With improvisation as a starting point, the Colombian trio knows how to mix tropical rhythms with rock and electronica, and thus they built a unique sound."Losinrocks (Ar) – April 17th, 2018

"Los Pirañas, a power trio of cumbia (such would be his best definition) that slides without prejudice to popular melodies as well as harmonies and landscapes of greater experimentation" Revista Ñ (Ar) – April 21st, 2018

Bassist Mario Galeano at Bogotá's Latino Power. Photo: Julián Umbacía

"Mario Galeano, a reference figure of the rebirth and the renewal of cumbia not only in Colombia, his country of origin, but also in the rest of Latin America".

Página 12 (Ar) – April 25th, 2018

Crowd at Latino Power in Bogotá. Photo: Julián Umbacía

To conclude, the Argentine music media: Recis !, wrote an intense review of what Los Pirañas’ intense night in Argentina was, in the framework of Ciclo RUIDO, which was held on Cultural San Martín’s stage: 

"And in the process, the formula of their proposal is exposed: the rhythmic pulse of the Latin American dance traditions disrupted by the deconstructivist craving for no wave and noise. Abstract and deformed cumbia, but without preventing one from even moving a foot".

"The truth is that, by the end of the night, they had triumphed: they came, they played, they conquered."

Recis (Ar) – April 25th, 2018

Argentinian artist YOTO, performing before Los Pirañas' show at Ciclo RUIDO in Buenos Aires