Meridian Brothers' synth caipirinha odyssey

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May 20th, 2018

Giving energy to a flying saucer can be a complicated task, but with the subatomic fuel distilled by 15 years of disruptive, abstract and captivating sounds, Colombian band Meridian Brothers completed its first tour in the Federative Republic of Brazil, along with its experimental sonic laboratory. The quintet led by Eblis Álvarez presented its most recent album ¿Dónde estas María? to the Brazilian audience: a long production that was inspired by the music of Brazil and its variants: Caipirinha, samba, and Rio, beautiful Rio!

Meridian Brothers’ Guaracha U.F.O. at Bananada – Photo: Felipe Gabriel // RedBull Content Pool

The melodic universe of Meridian Brothers goes from salsa to Andean string music. From boogaloo to jazz. The Colombian band has completed a collection of 11 productions, several of which are part of very select catalogues like Names You Can Trust (USA) and Soundway Records (UK). In the words of the band’s captain Eblis Álvarez, "Meridian Brothers' music is based on the pop / avant garde movement of the 1990s, which remains in an inquiring attitude towards both alien and proper cultural sonic expressions".

Meridian Brothers at Bananada - Photo: Felipe Gabriel // RedBull Content Pool 

During the band’s passage through Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Goiania, the Meridian Bros. opened up an opportunity for the press to come up with a significant amount of written material, as well as a pristine photographic record of their brilliant show at Festival Bananada, courtesy of RedBull Content Pool.

"This kind of confusion is the result of a strange originality. It causes a discomfort that – with reserved proportions - resembles the impact of the emergence of Kraftwerk in the pop scene, or the futuristic experiments of Sun Ra in jazz. Imagine a group of robots playing maracas in the Tatacoa Desert. It's an unprecedented kind of art."

Urbanaste (Br) – Abril 28, 2018

Photo: Felipe Gabriel // RedBull Content Pool 

“For more than one decade, Meridian Brothers have been giving form to one of the most fascinating artistic corpuses of pop music. Combining popular sounds and experimentation, the Colombians expand the infinite possibilities of a free and expressionist songbook with their latest album, ¿Dónde Estás, María?

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